In a land increasingly inhabited by repeated communications and amplified beliefs, where alternative ideas are not considered, lies this monumental tower that represents ground truth. It is at the target of the city, around which everything is organized. The ones closer to the tower are the purveyors of the “first claims”. They are trying to establish proximity to the reality of events by trying to get there first and communicate the truth as it is. Threads that originate from the truth spiral down further away into what becomes a maze of fabricated information. The city feeds on this information but slowly deteriorates into chaos. As we navigate through this maze, in an attempt to trace the origin of these threads, more information poses as obstacles, pushing us further away from the center and the path becomes more confusing and convoluted. Added sociopolitical beliefs, confirmation bias and discrimination make it almost impossible to reach the truth. We always seem to be approaching it but never actually getting closer. So, In a world filled with subjective reality, what becomes the truth?

concept art

As we realized the fantastical and weird idiosyncrasies of social media and content on the internet, we seeked to find a reality which is more real and an extension of our imagination. 

To design, build and document a world within a fictional Metaverse.


We aimed to create an immersive environment which would take us through a journey in the search of ground truth through information threads, similar to that of internet threads, against the barriers of corrupted data. We are marching towards a virtual world, our reality becomes a mix of virtual, augmented and mixed reality as depicted in the book and movie Ready Player One. Virtual reality games and environments are becoming new frontiers for visualization and technological innovations. 


The references range from objects which store, transfer, connect and transmit data. The kits range from micro scale objects like a microchip to sizable objects like a data transmitter. Some of the kit pieces are an abstraction of different objects forming the same function.