The film aims to showcase movement in time and captures its physicality as it relates to sound. Movement within a particular frame distorts with respect to the dominant sound in the environment. The effect is a result of spacial-time and auditory Synesthesia brought on by a drug induced hallucination, making the protagonist acutely aware of every little sound that he may hear. The protagonist also perceives distortion of time by the changing night sky, as it may happen in the state of hallucination. The entire episode takes place on Venice Beach, through the day and night. The state of hallucination rises exponentially with each scene causing a delirious state of mind.

a stroll in Venice beach…..

Unfold looks to explore the condition of Synesthesia in an L.A. context. As we all know, Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses. A common type of Synesthesia is auditory visual.