Highway Amenity Centre

INSDAG (Institute for steel development and growth)

The theme of the project is to construct a steel intensive highway amenities centre. This structure is designed in such a way it has 3 layers of roof made of steel frames and glasses . The beam supports the structure. The hot air rises upwards and comes out of one of the porous vents created in the roof . The structure is made up of multiple hollow steel structures .

Wing shaped form with central spine support, inspired from the fossil support structural system with vents at the roof providing a sense of enclosure. And also alternate use of steel and glass for aesthetic transparency.


The steel structure is designed to carry maximum load.

The connections between members are assumed not to develop moments diversely affecting either the members or the structure as a whole. The  distribution of forces may be determined assuming that members intersecting at a joint are pin connected. The necessary flexibility in connections may result in some non-elastic  deformation of the materials, other than the fasteners.